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 KawniX provides a set of advanced tools that help geospatial engineers work smarter by automating tasks and reducing manual work.

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Why Should You Choose KawniX?

Boost Your Return on Investment (ROI) by up to 15% with KawniX!


KawniXData: Bring Your Data Management Time Down to 50%

Reduce the time and effort you spend on data handling. KawniXData enhances your ability to gather and download geospatial data, cutting manual work by half.


KawniXBot: Reduce Project Turnaround Time By 40%

Speed up your coding process with KawniXBot. This tool takes over routine coding tasks, allowing you to focus on more intricate aspects of your projects.


KawniXCodeFlow: Reduce Operational Costs Up To 15%

Convert your flow diagrams into executable code more efficiently. KawniXCodeFlow helps manage the transition from development to deployment, cutting down your operational costs by up to 15%.

Pricing starts at $19 per month.

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See how KawniX is helping GIS engineers

KawniX has been really helpful for our team. We were struggling with managing multiple data sources and coding tasks, but this tool has simplified the process. The automated coding feature is fantastic; we just input our instructions and it generates the code for us. This has reduced our project timelines significantly. Another thing I like is how it supports experimenting with different commands. This flexibility has allowed us to improve our program efficiency. It’s definitely made our project management smoother.

Jason Kim

GIS Project Manager

I’ve been using KawniX for a few months now, and it has made my work much easier. The tool’s ability to convert flow diagrams into code has saved me a lot of time. Instead of spending hours writing and debugging, I can focus on analyzing the data. I also appreciate the wide range of data sources available. Having access to Sentinel and Landsat imagery in one place is incredibly convenient. Plus, the integration with QGIS was straightforward, which meant I didn’t have to change my usual workflow. Overall, it’s a solid addition to my toolkit.

Sarah Martinez

Senior GIS Analyst

Using KawniX has been a positive experience for me. One of the main problems it solved was the manual effort involved in data collection and coding. The tool’s ability to handle repetitive coding tasks means I can spend more time on higher-level analysis and development. I found the data access feature particularly useful, as it aggregates data from multiple sources. This saves me from having to search through various platforms. The installation process was easy, and it integrated well with our existing systems. I’m happy with how much it has improved our efficiency.

Emily Rogers

GIS Developer