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A new look at the Earth with AI

How our innovations make satellite cloudless data access for you.

The Go-to solution for satellite data

Kawnix is a solution that produce and distribute geospatial data. Its main aim is to simplify access to Sentinel satellite images from the Copernicus Programme through various applications:


The Kawnix Mapsweb platform to explore the Earth


Kawnix API to retrieve exclusive cloudless data produced by our algorithms


Weekly basemaps for GIS professionals

Satellite open data

Optical and radar imagery

AI techniques

Cleaning, calibration, analysis

End user

Visualization : SaaS platform, basemaps Analytics : APIs, monitoring

High Resolution Images

KawniX uses open access Earth images available from the European Union’s Copernicus Programme. The data is collected by the Sentinel satellites, a mission launched by the European Space Agency in 2014-2015 to monitor the environment. KawniX specifically uses radar imaging (Sentinel-1) and high-resolution optical imagery (Sentinel-2).

Revolutionizing AI Technology for Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery has always faced the challenge of cloud interference, hindering the availability of comprehensive data. However, with our cutting-edge AI algorithms, we have conquered this limitation by creating seamless, cloud-free maps.

But our pursuit of innovation doesn’t end there. KawniX is continuously pushing the boundaries of AI, exploring machine learning and deep learning to enhance Sentinel imagery resolution by 16-fold, achieving an impressive 2.5m/px. Moreover, our vision extends beyond boundaries as we aim to expand coverage to encompass the entire non-water surface of the planet.

Diving deeper into AI applications, KawniX, our proprietary solution, enables automated land recognition, providing exclusive information on land-use, crop cover, and natural areas. With KawniX’s platforms and APIs, large-scale data collection and monitoring become effortless, revolutionizing how we observe and understand our planet.


Use of time series analysis methods to fill the remaining gaps (cloud cover, persistence or absence of data)


Improved spatial resolution from 10m to 2.5m thanks to advanced super-resolution techniques


Improved contrasts using methods close to hdr to convert 16-bit images into vivid 8-bit images Earth logo


Scaling with initial production, we will be global very soon

Where Kawnix comes from

Born as a very recent start-up, KawniX is extremely proud to present its Earth observation platform and its professional application which embodies our mission to transform space imagery at the cutting edge of technology.

KawniX demonstrates how our AI models, expertly applied to remote sensing, can help businesses and local authorities meet their challenges. Driven by innovation, reliability and agility, KawniX remains committed to providing a diverse range of products and services, enabling decision making and actions for private and public entities.

Our dedicated team is there to meet your needs in order to improve our technology.