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See how the Earth changes

Explore KawniX Maps, updated every week. It’s simple and it’s free.

No More Clouds & Shadows

Tired of looking at clouds? We specialize in cloud-free optical imagery, offering multi-spectral, compatible satellite data for remote sensing applications reliant on Sentinel-2 imagery.

More Than Cloudless

With our advanced AI, we efficiently remove image inconsistencies, ensuring clear, cloud-free, and color-accurate views, avoiding issues like blue tint and overexposure.

Free access

You can use KawniX free of charge after a quick sign-up. No strings attached, no credit card required.

Split & Swipe

Use the SPLIT feature to juxtapose two satellite images from different periods. The SWIPE tool lets you unveil land evolutions over time.

Updated every week

New satellite images are added to KawniX Maps every week. Explore the recent images you can find.


AI-generated maps: seamless, cloudless, and enhanced by 2.5m-super resolution.

Going global

KawniX Maps will gradually expand toward global coverage.