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Make the most of satellite data

AI Earth imagery and
analytics for professionals

Urban Development



Environmental Change

Increased knowledge of the earth

Based on satellite imagery, KawniX’s basemaps and data provide an ideal platform for land-use monitoring: urban development, construction activity, defence, farming dynamics or environmental change.

KawniX APIs fit for your needs

Leverage KawniX APIs to seamlessly integrate their basemaps and satellite data into your professional applications. Experience faster querying, retrieval, and display of essential information with code crafted for a smooth user experience.

Transforming data into valuable insights

KawniX offers an optimal platform for cloudless basemaps and data. Whether it’s tracking urban development, construction activity, farming dynamics, or environmental change.

Custom project

Need more specific data not covered by KawniX APIs ? We design satellite data products suiting your requirements, just tell us what you are looking for!